Programmable Digital Timer Switch


Operating Voltage 130V to 280V
Box Type Powder Coated Box, Compact size Wall mounting, Temper proof and maintenance free.
Indication LED Indication status for MAINS & GENERATOR On
Technology Microcontroller based technology with Pre-Program interlocking to prevent short circuit.
Warranty 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects
Supply voltage DC 12V, 24V, AC110-260V Freq–50Hz

Digital Time Switches are used where electrical equipment must be periodically switched on and off for pre-programmed daily or weekly times. Digital time switches available with only 5 pin timer. The 5 pin model connection is an AC 220 is just like a switch. It can be used for switching to any application individually or with group of appliances.

Features :

  • Digital programmable Daily, weekly timer basis.
  • Upto 16 programs daily
  • Inbuilt rechargeable V80H battery for memory backup means no issue of replacing battery, Battery charge last for at least 1-2 months without charge. i.e. Without AC supply connectivity.
  • Led power indicator, LCD on screen displays for on and off switching status.
  • Contact – single pole – single throw, Contact capacity-16 Amp, 240 VAC.
  • Running accuracy ± 1 second / day at 20°, Minimum time setting – 1 minute.
  • It can be used for street lights, motors, T.V., AC etc.

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Programmable Digital Timer Switch