Automatic Mains Failure Panel

Auto main failure panel is used for the automatic operation of the Genset.

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  1. General Details

    Auto main failure panel is used for the automatic operation of the Genset. It monitors the power availability of both “MAINS” and “GENERATOR” automatically, and delivers you the healthy power continuously; on the other hand it will monitor the operation state for Generator while the Generator is running. During abnormal or common faults of generators, AMF Panel will give you both the visual (by LED) and audio signal feedback.

    Features :

    • Auto Start & Auto Stop the Genset when Mains fails & restores respectively.
    • Cranking standard –  three cranking attempts with 15 sec intervals.
    • Auto / Manual mode selector available, automatically changes lines from Mains and Gen Line and vice versa.
    • Mains restoration delay time – 10 sec, start delay time: 3-5 sec. cool down time: 30-40 sec, DG output delay time: 8-10 sec.
    • Low/high Voltage protection, Reverse phase protection (optional)
    • Digital Volt, Amp., Hz. Meters & 5 Indication for Mains, DG and load in Display
    • Contactor Coil Voltage: 180-260 VAC & Pre Magnetic Contactor Coil Voltage- 130-280VAC
  2. Techical Info


    Operating Voltage 130V to 280V
    Box Type Powder Coated Box, Compact size Wall mounting, Temper proof and maintenance free.
    Indication LED Indication status for MAINS & GENERATOR On
    Technology Microcontroller based technology with Pre-Program interlocking to prevent short circuit.
    Application Controlling DG, etc
    Power 415-440VAC, etc
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